I am currently leading an effort to design and develop a collection of dashboards which will be the starting point for working with aggregated and curated content from across the Nasdaq product suite and beyond. Alone, each dashboard will be a business intelligent display of at-a-glance content with a finger on the pulse of the industry. Internal teams will add further color to the content through powerful commenting and sharing tools. And ultimately, external peer insight will further curate content by surfacing what the industry is reading, thinking, and doing.

Coupled with any combination of Nasdaq products, each dashboard will be a launching point for deeper discovery and tailored workflows across the product suite. These dashboards will be integrated across all Nasdaq products on all devices and platforms.

Role: Senior Product Designer

Team: Large, Distributed


An early version of an Investor Relations dashboard.

We continued to add content and refine the Investor Relations dashboard.

Latest version of the dashboard wit both content and visual refinement.