IR Insight is a comprehensive suite of content, analytics, advisory services and communications tools to help users maximize the value of their Investor Relations program. Built from the ground up for the past two years, the product goes live to over 4000 customers in July 2015.

Role: Senior Product Designer

Team: Large, Distributed


Research section

Our design evolved a crowded list of all available sell-side analyst research reports to an actionable view of the relevant insights contained within such reports. Users have the ability to search through and filter available research reports, displaying clearly the filters which are being applied to the displayed results and allowing the user to save search filter sets for future re-use. This design effort also focused on flagging and tagging information for user-defined follow up, and sharing reports and other data with stakeholders through the system.

The contacts and events management tool evolved from a divided set of feature to find and schedule meetings with contacts to a concise view of an Investor Relations team's targets, relationships and schedule. Users have the ability to quickly add and optimize interactions, manage relationships with key contacts, and analyze the efficacy of their IR schedule and strategy. 

Contacts and events section