In 2012, I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Design & Technology.

The MFADT program teaches "design research, process, applied theory, and writing to address" both "the expanding influence of design within society and the growing role of technology within design." I gravitated toward Interaction classes, learning web and installation technologies while establishing my design practice.

My thesis work focused on developing social interfaces to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and product development.

As a coordinator and attendee of events within the NYC design and technology student community, I developed a framework of innovative services for practice in future contexts and to document and explore the outcomes of these strategies in ethnographic reflection.

Some favorite projects of mine include



An interactive mash-up of real-time Twitter data, video and audio. In passive mode, viewers watch a data visualization of the number of Tweets based on the current top trending topics on Twitter. In active mode, users live-mash Tweets, video, and audio at a DJ console, and their work is displayed on 6 large LCD-screens in front of them.




This tool utilizes face detection to find faces in a photo and automatically cover them up, to protect the “innocent”. You can capture fun memories during a crazy night while allowing involved parties to protect their identities.