At Nasdaq, I have been responsible for leading a design team to strategize for multi-product integration and new business opportunities. I am also charged with evaluating our current offerings for better interface and interaction opportunities and ensuring high standards of consistency across the products.


Role: Project lead

Team: Large, Distributed


In order to help sell our product-suite vision to executives, I created this diagram to show how the various content and functional services of the current Nasdaq offerings could be re-categorized. The vision was to consolidate products and services in order to help the product and development teams to be more collaborative and thus increase efficiency across the organization.

I even staged and photographed the background image!

I also lead the effort to consolidate and document the Product Design team's assets into an online portfolio that was distributed across the company. The site educates readers on our process and how we can help apply it to projects company-wide. The most important features of the site include